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James P. McCrann - Many of the program notes for compositions were extracted from "The Careers and Works of Emerging Composers of Music for the Wind-Band: Discussions with Jack Stamp, Thomas Duffy, Andrew Boysen, Jr. and Daniel Bukvich" by James P. McCrann; edited for content by Susan G. Weaver.

University of Idaho Information Design Group - Jill Dacey, director - The artwork used in "The Glittering Hill" audio CD was produced in conjunction with an ongoing multi-media project that was launched by a group of students at the University of Idaho. The group was one of many who participated in a Visual Information Design class taught by faculty from the University of Idaho's Department of Art and Design. The class was funded under an Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) Technology Grant, Jill Dacey PI. Members participating in the project were Ludmilla Saskova (group leader), Jeff Gray, Ashley Horrall, and Susan Weaver.

About the web site:

Site design and programming: Susan G. Weaver
Recording preparation for the Web: P.K. Northcutt II

This site has been recently (09-02-2009) moved to a different server. Please let the webmaster know if you have any problems with the site.

The images in the background of the web pages are taken from the score for "Meditations on the Writings of Vasily Kandinsky, Movement 2: Voilet." The entire score is available for download in PDF format from the details page for that piece.

Animation for "home" page created in Flash using sound clips from "Meditations on the Writings of Vasily Kandinsky, Movement 2: Violet" and elements from the score from that movement. You must have a Flash plugin from Adobe in order to view it.

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